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Charismatic Funny Duo
Wednesday | 27. May 2015

Charismatic Funny Duo

In 2015 two ladies will guide you through the Malzwiese program. 2015 is double in size with two stages, ten performers and an even larger design bazaar. That calls for double lady power by Birgit Breuer and Anne Kraft.

Anne Kraft enters the stage with irrepressible joy. After being informed that she does not use drugs or pharmaceuticals, one can simply lean back and be amazed at someone so brutally yet joyfully celebrating her own embarrassment in life.
Birgit Breuer is perhaps the last living multiple personality and the first with Looper. She is overflowing with ideas and always regrets that one day is usually too short to accommodate all of them. She jumps from one subject to the next yet also doesn´t let a topic go whenever it feels necessary to her. She asks questions only to answer them herself, instantly creating new ones.

Their motto: Laughter! About themselves and all together on the 5th Malzwiese. We look forward to two inspired, cheeky and especially charismatic artists with their many surprises – well known from the Scheinbar and the Quatsch Comedy Club.


Join us in laughter!