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The Online-Garden
Tuesday | 10. February 2015

The Online-Garden

A garden with IP address on your smartphone is the emerging concept of our new tenants, Torsten, Basti, Uli, Martin and Claas at the Malzkabinett.

Cabbage and turnips will be offered when the idea is ripe for picking as sundrenched outdoor tomatoes. Then, the initiators will make it possible to plow a garden lot using a smartphone. With all the trimmings: fertilizing, watering and weeding. You will be able to do your gardening while waiting for the doctor or sitting on the train. Or at home in front of the computer. Sensors measure the moisture in the soil. And if necessary zucchini or tomatoes send emails to remind the IP gardeners to water them. When everything is in place, the team will provide the technology, the garden and the harvest workers on site. The gardeners / smartphone users will then care for their veggies with a mouse click and get it fresh home delivery straight from the harvest.

We are looking forward to the implementation, observe the development and wish every success in the creative process!