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New year, new faces!
Friday | 23. January 2015
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New year, new faces!

Versuchskind Berlin adds more creative minds to the second floor of our building Next, where many tenants from various industries have already gathered and treat each other with curiosity, leading to some exciting synergies.


Versuchskind Berlin are a perfect match with their uniquely designed jeans. All handcrafted from the best materials, the best possible production and some experimental spirit to go along. Each jeans is a unique item!

Temporarily - but just as exciting - DentaCore GmbH will also move to the second floor. They are pioneers in the field of orthodontics and specialists for digital scan, design and manufacturing technology. They equip practices of orthodontists with future-proof 3D technologies.


One focus of 3D applications is the virtual design and digital fabrication of Aligner rails. Aligners, also called dental correction rails, allow patients of all ages invisible orthodontics for a perfect smile. We think this is pretty cool!


In the coming months they will move into the newly-built and modernized basement space of the Next.