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Out and about!
Thursday | 19. December 2013
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Out and about!

After numerous Christmas parties at the Maschinenhalle in the Kachelhaus, we also took time together one evening and drummed up the whole Malzteam to let the year pass in review with a glass of mulled wine.


This year we treated ourselves to a small change of scenery. After work, we went to Café am Neuen See for a Christmas feast. After the apéro was served, we enjoyed sumptious soup and and goose leg. But the team was not allowed to rest for too long, from dinner we went straight to the ice rink for curling. After a few test runs we all got the hang of it quickly and a heated game ensued. New talents were discovered as well, there´s plenty of hidden fun in winter. After the champions were identified, we all finished the evening in a relaxed atmosphere and let the holiday spirits take over.


The Malzteam wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!