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Start of construction for stunning office lofts
Thursday | 02. September 2010

Start of construction for stunning office lofts

Bricks and grout can build a house, love and wisdom fill it out. It is that we keep in mind as things continue to grow around us…

The reconstruction of our former ‘Weißbierhalle’ is about to begin. New office lofts will be created under the roof, offering the perfect atmosphere for a working environment. We are putting in windows, doors and a breathtaking stairway to the top floor, transforming the generous 1000 sqm into a space in which we will combine history with industrial charm.

We are excited to meet creative heads who will carry out their own ideas and envision new ones. There are ongoing viewing appointments and we are communicating with the future tenants to include their visions as well.

If you are interested in the project or want to lease an office, get in touch with us: info@malzfabrik.de.
For additional information about the available spaces, please visit >>