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Head up to lunch at Oberstübchen!
Monday | 02. September 2013
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Head up to lunch at Oberstübchen!

The Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen celebrated its opening this week with a bang! The Food Agency Foodpol who moved in with us in the Next, had kept us guessing with delicious scents and name speculation for quite some time.


It was definitely worth the wait! Not only the cozy atmosphere with spectacular views of the Malzfabrik grounds, but especially their tasty treats invite you to stop by the "Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen" at the Kachelhaus to pamper the palate for lunch. You will not only find the known Foodpol homemade delicacies, but sometimes treats, fresh from the smooker, fresh vegetables from the containers of ECF, homemade chutneys and other great products to buy. In addition, there is a small Rieslinglist and regional beers from small breweries.


All dishes are always prepared from fresh, local ingredients with Foodpol´s secret ingredient "love". But it will be safe to the beginning. We look forward to the first theme nights ...


Between 11.55 am and 4 pm you have the opportunity to convince yourself. We can say from personal experience that it´s always a treat!


Take a look at the Facebookpage of "Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen" here>>.