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We don´t discard easily!
Monday | 29. October 2012
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We don´t discard easily!

As part of our sustainability strategy, we have added two new upcycling products on the Malzfabrik!


First, one can finally have a stroll on our big lawn without the risk of slipping, thanks to compostable dog waste bags in upcycling mailboxes. The boxes were simply turned upside down, and the bags are easily dispensed. Walking the dog is fun again!


Secondly, our team assistant has a new old cabinet in her gatehouse office. She discovered the treasure in the main factory and was blown away! A carpenter revamped it with new paint and new shelving. Now it adorns the gatehouse and serves as distribution centre for the daily mail of our tenants.


Green Thumbs Up!


For more information about our Green Steps here>>.