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Malzfabrik News Overview

Time Transporter
Friday | 19. October 2012

Time Transporter

One of the exciting aspects of the Malzfabrik is its story. We are always looking for stories, pictures from the past and witnesses. Especially people who used to work in the former Schultheiss brewery are a gold mine for us. Only this way we can gather the particular stories of the Malzfabrik´s past.


One of them is Joachim Künsemüller who visited us last year for the Festival of Lights 2011 and brought us the image of the Malztransporter. The picture dates back to 1964/65 and shows the complete malting team. The van was used for loading malt at the silo underneath the arches (left). We think this is a cool transporter that would surely fit right back in on our premises.


Our contemporary witness Joachim Künsemüller worked as a brewer in the factory from 1963 to 1971, and has many more pictures and stories that he wants to share with us. To be continued.