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Pickles are fun - in the footsteps of Spreewald cucumber
Wednesday | 08. August 2012
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Pickles are fun - in the footsteps of Spreewald cucumber

Pickles belong to the Spreewald as flax oil to the quark, so the locals say. One weekend in August the Malzteam learned that on a team trip to the beautiful Spreewald.


First stop was the small town Straupitz, where we found a quaint inn run by a lovely couple. After a typical menu with Spreewald pickles, flax oil and quark (cottage cheese) we went to the village-disco with DJ Zoschi. Exstatic dancing and laughing ensued until we all fell to bed dead tired, we needed to be prepared for the next day. It started with an adventurous canoe trip through the Spreewald with extensive mosquito alarm. After two hours of paddling and being mosquito menus, we feasted yet again complete with cucumber beer and even put in a strategy meeting to complement the fun. The smoking heads were then cleared at the port festivities in Lübbenau and on Sunday it was already time to head back home.


After many impressions and a great team weekend we all agree: the famous Spreewald pickles are the best - crunchy, sour and spicy, mosquitoes are a menace, the Spreewald is always worth a visit, cucumber beer is tasty, paddling is great fun and the Malzteam is happy!

We also heard a new joke: What is green and running through the woods – a horde of pickles!☺