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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Sustainable tenant with taste
Monday | 06. February 2012
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Sustainable tenant with taste

Since earlier this year, the Malzfabrik is adorned with a new efficient tenant - ECF I Efficient City Farming adds a new shade of green to the sustainability strategy of the Malzfabrik. The team is working at top speed to make the ECF Center happen until later this year - creating Germany's first Aquaponic farm with 1,000 square meters of vegetables, herbs and fish farming on the Malzfabrik premises. Freshly caught tilapia and fresh vegetables and herbs from ultralocal production can then be aquired at the in-house shop.


The ECF Containerfarm, formerly known as Rostlaube, will start into the new Aquaponic season in spring and can be visited as an on-site showcase.


If you are already interested in an efficient city farm, ECF | Efficient City Farming can provide a feasibility study and planning scenario.


Find out more: www.ecf-center.de