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Holiday fun 1.0 - lively, funny, yummy!
Tuesday | 09. August 2011
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Holiday fun 1.0 - lively, funny, yummy!

Not only the kids had fun at our vacation program about our „Rostlaube“, nature and environment. It was great watching all the curious children playing and loughing at our area. As sun was shining, our scavenger hunt about environment  could take place as planned. Here  there was a lot to learn and discover. Also the tinkering of little „seedbombs“ could take place at our green neighbour area. With a lot of fun and creativity there even arised some seedbomb-cookies and –figures. After all the loughing and learning the hungry crowd had a yummy lunch and evening snack at our „Bergstübli“.

We thank all the kids for this exciting day that made Malzfabrik a whole step funnier and livelier!

To all interested teachers, supervisors, parents and children! Schoolclases and any other kind of groups can also book a similar program about „Rostlaube“ outside the vacactions.
For further information please contact rostlaube@malzfabrik.de. More here>>