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Malzfabrik News Overview

Thursday | 18. February 2021


In the KfW advisory for customers “Promote” our longtime partner for office cleaning Stefan Hienzsch with his company Verticals GmbH gave an interview that you can read there. The front page shows the business man at the yard of Malzfabrik with his electro - company car which is te subject of the article: climate protection – why the transfer to E-mobility is worthwhile for your business fleet.


As industrial climber Stefan Hienzsch wants to improve the Co2 footprint of his company and bought himself a Polestar 2 with the help of an environment bonus. The KfW supports mid-sized businesses in their way to sustainability with low-interest credits and a climate bonus. This chance enabled Verticals GmbH to finance an electrical vehicle and to contribute to climate protection.


The article is found here>>.


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