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We introduce!
Friday | 14. August 2020

We introduce!

Especially the areas gatekeeping and gardening always need further support.


It is very important that our tenants, guests and employees can be greeted daily at the gate. In addition to Julius who is working since many years in our gatehouse, we need in the shift system further people which are available if needed. This is how Mateo came to us who enriches the gate with his smile and charm.


Great that you are with us now, Mateo!


The same scenario happened in the park which demanded more and more work with all it´s flora and fauna. Especially in the summer months our gardener Mahmoud needed support. The watering in the morning, daytime and evening to keep the plants alive became more intense with rising temperatures. That's why we hired Sascha at the beginning of the summer, who is now helping Mahmoud in the warmers months.


Welcome to the team, Sascha!