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Splashing forbidden
Thursday | 13. August 2020

Splashing forbidden

Our swimming pool always invited to a cooling down in the cold water at hot temperatures. In the past years visitors and tenants were able to splash around in the centre of the park. It was a colourful happening that filled the area with life.


After more and more people discovered this small paradise, we soon had a pool supervisor for safety and an entrance fee was introduced. Because of all the water fun the water equivalents changed and we had to close the pool.


The swimming pool will stay closed for visitors in 2020 because of the missing pool supervisor and in order to keep good water equivalents.


We ask all visitors to observe the pool restrictions. The park and the beach itself is of course open for the public as well as the sitting possibilities during regular opening times and you are allowed to take a walk, relax and enjoy our small paradise.


Thank you for your understanding!