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Bench with history
Thursday | 12. March 2020
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Bench with history

To sit outside and let the sun shine in your face is the plan for the coming spring. In order to have the appropriate places, our janitor and gardener Mahmoud spent the winter in the basement and constructed new sitting possibilities.


Twelve unique wooden benches were created for all visitors, tenants and employees. Each bench is a unique item and is build from steel rods that were found in the Alte Mälzerei and thick wooden planks. That meant that Mahmoud had to cut the steel in pieces and to weld them back together, to saw the wood into the right forms, make them weather proof and finally connect the elements together.


A new upcycling product that is due to Mahmouds artisanal talents. Some of the benches have already been distributed throughout the premises. Now summer can finally come and with him all the other benches from the basement!