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Malzloft, adé!
Friday | 24. January 2020

Malzloft, adé!

In January 2014 we welcomed Art Director Xaver Nitsche as a new tenant on our site. He transformed Atelier A in the Kellerei into a loft suitable for moving picture projects - the Malzloft.


The stylishly furnished 130 square meters with whitewashed floorboards, a large window front and film-white walls had a special, homely atmosphere. Since then, numerous productions have taken place, including with celebrities such as Enie van de Mejklokjes, Matthias Schweighöfer and Johanna Klum.


It was an exciting time! But after six years we say goodbye to Xaver Nitsche, who wants to focus on his favourite project “Marienvilla”. At the premises of the former gas plant in Mariendorf he created a new area for film and photo productions like he did with Malzloft.


In January Malzloft was given to selected artists which are part and tenants of Malzfabrik since a long time. In this sense Malzloft as an artful space will stay in place and we wish Xaver Nitsche all the best in his further endeavours.


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