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5 years Sponsorship
Wednesday | 24. July 2019

5 years Sponsorship

When Eduardo Josue was 8 years old, Malzfabrik took on the sponsorship for the Ecuadorian child. We had invited a speaker of the organisation World Vision e.V. – Future for Children to hold a lecture at one of our Malzabend.


World vision e.V is an evangelical organisation with offices in Friedrichsdorf. The charity is active in three main areas which are economical development cooperation, disaster relief and developmental advocacy in those areas. The charity finances it´s projects with children sponsorships. Additionally they are one of Germany´s biggest charity organisation that engages in educational work, research into children´s health and projects against poverty.


In order to support World Vision in it´s valuable work we decided in January 2011 to sponsor a child in their organisation. Since then Eduardo receives our support, letters and presents and twice a year we receive a letter with a picture of him enclosed. In August he is celebrating his 13th birthday.


We avidly follow his development from afar, his hobbies and how he discovers the world and we wish him all the best in his life.


More information about World Vision here>>.