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Malzfabrik News Overview

Sunday | 02. June 2019


The starting shot for this years “STADTRADELN” campaign has fallen on June 1st and Malzfabrik is participating for the 2nd time as a community under the name “Malzfabrik on the road”.


STADTRADELN is a campaign that was developed by the climate alliance, the biggest network of cities, communities and urban areas to protect the world climate.


Teams of communal politicians, school classes, businesses and citizens participate in this competition in order to support using bicycles, protect the climate and the quality of living. 1.026 communities have registered in Germany, in order to collect many kilometres in the time from 1st to 30th of June. In Berlin alone we have 726 teams with 5.285 bike riders that travel Co2 free in their business and private life.

Goal of the campaign is to contribute to climate protection, put the usage of bikes into the focus of communities and last but not least - to have fun riding bikes. This works well with Malzfabrik´s philosophy and so we look forward to see how many kilometres our team will collect.


More information about STADTRADELN here>>.