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Attention all sports fans!
Monday | 25. March 2019

Attention all sports fans!

The Malzfabrik sports program is versatile and everybody who needs a balance to his office day can participate. We offer Yoga, self-defence classes and Crossfit.

Trueself-Yoga with Maren


Maren invites every Thursday to an hour of downtime in one of our spare rooms. Thru breathing in and out you merge with your consciousness at Trueself-Yoga. A blessing for your soul that we can recommend to everybody. If the weather is nice you´ll take your yoga mat to the meadow.


The fee is 15 Euro. We met Thursdays at 4.55 pm at the gatehouse.

Athleague with Eugen Bantschikow


Fitness coach and personal trainer Eugen already supervised many sports professionals in their carrier. His gym for professionals and ambitious hobby sportspeople is named Athleague and offers an holistic fitness program.


The fee is 15 Euro. Meeting point is Mondays at 4.55 pm at Kachelhaus.

Martial Art with Wing Tai Berlin


Every Tuesday and Thursday you can learn to fight Wing Tai and you learn defence techniques with your hands and feet, knees and elbows. Lever and counter-lever, toss and counter-toss and fighting on the floor. Self-confidence, psyche and fitness are strengthened.


The fee is 15 Euro per month for weekly training. Meeting point is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm at Kachelhaus.


All interested sports fans can contact the trainers beforehand or simply show up. Go for it!