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Glorious 8
Friday | 29. March 2019

Glorious 8

For exactly eight years the first Saturday in June – in 2018 fir the first time the whole weekend – was reserved for Malzwiese. At the beginning it was a day of open doors in the format of a summer party. But as the years went by Malzwiese developed into a festival of sustainability which was well known in Berlin and the surrounding area. IN 2018 Malzwiese culminated into 2 full days with a colorful program. After we reached this peak we had to take a break and decided on a creative pause in 2019. After this announcement we had a lot of intensive conversations which ended in the conclusion to let Malzwiese fall into a beauty sleep for the time being.

The festival will not take place in 2020 either, because the Mazfabrik is concentrated on the subject restauration. The coming phase includes the reshaping of a 15.673 sqm space into usable floor space of various kinds. This project needs our full attention.

With a tear in one eye we look back at eight wonderful years of Malzfabrik and want to than you and all our partners, supporters, friends and colleagues. It was phenomenal! Thank you! With the second eye we look happily into the future, when old and new formats will rise like the phoenix from the ashes. It stays exciting!