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He came to stay
Monday | 21. January 2019

He came to stay

Maik is a student of business engineering for environment and sustainability and he chose Malzfabrik for one of his two study projects. Subject of the first study was the question “How sustainable is Malzfabrik?” which started with a questionnaire and a tour through the premises of the company in 2018.


After an employment at a major corporation, the 28 year old wanted to work at a smaller company – the Malzfabrik. Here he wanted to pay special attention to the matter of sustainability and get an inside view into the management of a Real Estate Company under the aspect of sustainability.

After he finished the first module with the analysis of entrepreneurial sustainability of Malzfabrik, we offered him an internship. Since then Maik supports, together with the trio of our administration, our sustainability commissary in all projects and assists in their implementation.

At the end of the year and after four more modules and a Bachelor degree, Maik will end his studies successfully. Until then he will stay a valued team member. Great that you are here, Maik!