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Donation campaign
Friday | 11. January 2019
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Donation campaign

Real Future GmbH is one of our various tenants and offers a big spectrum of services in value based real estate development. That starts with individual consultation and the choice of the right estate to purchase processing and the further development of the estate as a platform for sustainable and social responsibility. Aside from it´s focus on construction and real estate development, they develop and execute many social, cultural and sustainable projects as well.


Since Malzfabrik is part of the real estate projects of Real Future, all tenants and employees participated in the execution of of those social projects with a big donation campaign.

Shortly afterwards our light cellar was full of clothes, hygiene products and children stuff, which we then brought to the Verein für Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe and the Kleiderkammer of the Caritas society of the archdiocese of Berlin.

Lots of thanks go to Real Future GmbH for their engagement and the execution of the donation campaign and to all the generous donors. It´s great to know that we could help some of the many homeless and/or underprivileged people of Berlin a little bit.

More information about Real Future GmbH here>>.