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Stability test
Monday | 26. November 2018

Stability test

For four days the façade of the Kastenmälzerei was examined carefully. A so called “Schadenskartierung” was done by “Büro West”, which in addition consults in matters of applications regarding monument preservation.


With the support of a truck - operation platform the colleagues of “Büro West” locked at the façade and knocked on all the split clinker. That meant directly knocking on the existing clinker. If the knock is hollow, the clinker is not solidly fixed into the façade anymore and needs to be renewed. The result is thoroughly catalogued and evaluated and shows which parts of the façade have to be repaired or renewed.


At the same time, they had a look at the conditions of the windows.The damage catalogue is the basis for the further planning of the Kastenmälzerei façade repairs and shows if any insulation is needed. The architect and construction team of Malzfabrik wil have the results in three weeks. After that the next steps can be planned in accordance with the Monuments Office. The cataloguing is an order by the Monuments Office.


The whole process is further documented and filmed by “breuerundsander”, which already made a short film about the Kastenmälzerei.


You can see the film here>>.