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An unicum
Friday | 16. November 2018
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An unicum

A massive bench, built from thick oak planks, occupies the beach since two weeks. The 4 metres long seating area has space for 12 to 16 people and is supposed to be a place of relaxation for our guests and tenants.


The commission was given to a friend of Malzfabrik. The decision for the material was made very quickly: oak wood. This wood is used especially in furniture production because of it´s great properties: robust, durable, consistent, attractive surface conditions, weather- resistant. It´s a local wood that is very popular.


Important for the construction, besides the material and the look, was the comfort. It´s achieved by the widespread backrest and the overall dimensions.


Find out for yourself and have a look next spring or summer. Chill on our unicum and enjoy a little break together with lots of friends!