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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Moved on!
Monday | 20. August 2018
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Moved on!

2017 was the year of IGA – the International Garden Exhibition, which presented itself at Malzfabrik with a pavilion. The construct, created by architect Thilo Folkers, was presented for 186 days at the IGA-area.

In a space of 100 sqm we showed the 100 years of history of Malzfabrik – from the malthouse to Malzfabrik – using catchphrases, old fragments from the factory, display cases and more details. After the IGA year ended on 15th October, we started to look for a suitable place for the elaborate construct. We had to bear in mind that the pavilion needs a representative and easily reachable 100 sqm space. At the end we decided on our own front yard, a new foundation was built and with the growing temperatures the construct was growing piece by piece again.

Now it's a place to stay and discover that you can already see from Bessemerstraße. Furthermore, the pavilion reminds us about the special time on the IGA premises, where it was integrated in an ensemble of garden art. Now it's surrounded with glowing brickwork and visitors, tenants and team members meet here to stay in exchange.


The pavilion had made a little migration from Marzahn-Hellersdorf to Tempelhof-Schöneberg and finally arrived at the right place.