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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Thursday | 16. August 2018
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The Malzfabrik premises are constantly changing through new tenants, various events, a growing network, new art projects and new construction projects. The day-to-day business stood still for two days on 11th and 12th July and all Malzfabrik staff met for a joined strategy-workshop in the Kachelhaus studio.

The workshop was led by Professor Dr. Anja Grothe who is professor for environment and sustainability management at the college for business and law (HWR) Berlin since 20 years. Mrs. Grothe guided us with lot of questions, exhibitions, exercises and inspiration through those two days, she set impulses and supported us in the formulating the goals for the subsequent sustainable changing processes.

Each of us took new ideas and impulses out of the meeting which we now want to implement step by step. We go forward with new strategies and lots of engagement. We thank Mrs. Prof. Dr. Anja Grothe for the amazingly inspiring workshop!