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Malzfabrik News Overview

Wednesday | 27. June 2018


The manufacturer of those classic-retro-elegant E-Bikes is the Swiss company EGO Movement.


The E-Bikes have an optimal geometry for a straight sitting position and comfort, powerful engines, changeable batteries with USB port and LED lights that switch in automatically when needed. The bikes give up to 25 km/h pedalling support and are used by out team members since April.


With the 350 Watt motor you can take on longer distances with ease. You can drive up to 80 km without a problem and you never create any emissions. The battery charging is easy to do and doesn´t use a lot of energy.


The new E-Bikes are a true blessing, they motivate to cycle more, avoid too much sweat and are good for the environment. They are great companions, that supplement our car pool.


More information about the EGO Movement E-Bike here>>.