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District –Atelier scholarship student Karina Griffith
Monday | 12. February 2018

District –Atelier scholarship student Karina Griffith

Karina Griffith will work at District about Decolonizing 68 from February till July 2018. Griffith is researching about Black German film production around 1968, which stayed almost invisible in historiography. Beginning with the film “They call it love” by the Ghanaian King Ampaw, she stays at the trail of black and PoC film makers, to expand the genealogies of Black German author cinema.

In her project she is examining the decolonial role of the moving picture and follows the question of how the camera itself can be decolonialised. The scholarship applicant was chosen by an expert jury with  Silvy Chakkalakal, Katharina Oguntoye, Shanti Suki Osman, Suza Husse und Andrea C. Keppler.

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of 1968, we used that as a reason to make the District –Atelier scholarship of 2018 about the student movement in Germany in the 60s in regards to a decolonial and feminist perspective. District wants to scrutinize the production of history and to talk anew the movements in this time from a perspective of their anti-colonial, diasporadic, feminist and Black organisations.

The films and installations by Karina Griffith look shina a light at the subjects fear and fantasy, whereas the focus is mostly on their relation with belonging. Part of her interest is the exploration of the interconnectedness between identity and migrant perspective. Griffith is using the unique way of her family to tell her stories in the Caribbean language Patois.


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