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Take A Stand
Thursday | 23. November 2017

Take A Stand

Together with Yourope, an organisation of European music festivals, it is the goal of “Take a Stand” for the future of Europe to create within the festival structure a place of awareness, tolerance, humanism, peaceful dialog and mutual understanding.


For each individual the world should become a better place by valuing peace, inclusion and dialog. Fear and exclusion are to be avoided and no matter which gender, race, religion, skin colour or place of origin – everybody is supposed to participate and actively contribute to it.


The passion for music and culture is in the centre and it´s supposed to connect and unite people and advocate a tolerant togetherness. The festival Malzwiese is a member since October 2017 and wants to hold up those values. The Malzwiese should be a place for tolerance and awareness.


We look forward to be a part of “Take a Stand” and to inspire much more people with it.


More information here>>.