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El Pantanoso
Wednesday | 22. November 2017
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El Pantanoso

Since two years is the company Leef a central partner to Malzwiese that supports us at the festival with palm leaf plates at the food section to save the environment.


Each food provider used the sustainable and compostable plates. We want to continue this great collaboration and we were happy to find out that we were able to protect 2.600 sqm of rain forest with our contribution to Malzwiese.


Our loyal Malzwiese partner delighted us with pictures of a wildlife observation camera, that a environmental protection activist made with her camera and sent to us. This are pictures from the “El Pananoso” reservation in Argentinia.


Leef Unlimited puts all it´s earnings from Malzwiese into the rent for this area and makes sure, that this reservation can develop and the animals have a constant home there. They were able to stop the plans for fruit plantations on this area, that had already started with the clearing of part of the forest,


We wanted to share this happy news with you and we hope, that future festivals will bring a similar success.

More information to Leaf here>>.