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Anna Kott
Thursday | 09. November 2017
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Anna Kott

The cellar building on our premises is wholly dedicated to the subject art, housing the company Artseco, the art- and culture support DISTRICT and the atelier.


Amongst the artists, Anna Kott is a tenant in our atelier since many years. You can enjoy some of her work that is located in on of our Malzfabric offices. The Poland born artist delights people with her work in various group and solo exhibitions since 2001. Anna Kott finished her degree at the London College of Printing in 2000 and participated in 2016 and 2017 in Artist-in-Residence programs in Spain and England.

Since 2014 she is continuously working in correspondence between landscape exploration and studio. Digital photography and painting are the centre of her work. The digital photography part of her ideas was shot at the “islands” England, Mallorca, Israel, they were finished at the “island” Malzfabrik at the Berlin painting atelier with the painting part of it. Two works resulted out of that: the triptych “Between2Beginnings” is inspired by the swimming pool within the Malzfabrik park (designed by the Dutch Piet Oudolf and finished in the Berlin paining atelier) and has it´s roots in her time with the residence program at Hauser&Wirth Somerset.


The painting “Relatives” is inspired by water lilies, that enrich the biosphere in the Malzfabrik park. The motive belongs to the everyday landscape from the immediate surroundings of the artist.


We follow the work of Anna Kott with great interest and look forward to more artwork that relates to our premises.


More information about the artist here>>.