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Algae reactor
Friday | 22. September 2017
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Algae reactor

The algae reactor was first exhibited in 2016 as part of the GASAG Art Prize. Now the reactor has been installed for testing purposes as a biotope for Chlorella and Spiruliana algae in the center of the free wall in the park.


Originally, bioluminescent algae were bred in the plant. Now the algae, which grow as a spherical single-cell with a high chlorophyll content, are mounted as a test reactor with a double-pipe system on the wall and sprout in a few weeks through sunlight. The highly concentrated mass is not yet visible, but the algae are circulated and fertilized through a pump, so that the wall will bloom shortly. As soon as they are fully grown, the algae are drained, separated from excess water and processed into highly concentrated powder.


Algae are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and energy industries and bring new approaches to numerous global issues. Energy companies have been investigating the transformation of algae into sustainable fuels for some time. Also as an architectural element, the reactors receive more interest in order to improve the design of facades and to make sensible use of lighting conditions. The algae can be illuminated by means of mechanical impulses.


The algae reactor installed at the Malzfabrik comes from the cooperation with Andreas Greiner and MINT Engineering. Andreas Greiner is a tenant of an artist's studio at the Malzfabrik and engages with questions of life, nature and its phenomena as a process.


The park has received another exciting point of interest with the reactor and is soon enjoying green and luminous algae.