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Malzfabrik News Overview

Wednesday | 16. August 2017


Our area wouldn’t be as alive as it is, if the animal world wouldn’t have a home here. Therefore we are always happy about any addition.


In spring a duck couple with it is ducklings was visiting the pond. Croaking frogs, countless water skaters, dragon flies and bees followed suit in the nature garden.


We can´t imagine the area without the starlings and pigeons that are everywhere and always up to mischief, like in the Old Malthouse. Ravens and crows decided to enter the fray a few weeks ago. Especially the roof of the Kachelhaus seems to be their favourite place where they caw and hop about. It is a lovely spectacle that accompanies our daily work.


Each animal guest is welcome and who knows, maybe a fox might visit us again for a night stroll in the park.