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May we introduce!
Monday | 12. June 2017

May we introduce!

Besides the free brochure about the Malzfabrik with lots of relevant information about the area, there is a carefully composed ensemble with lovely selected products for your home available now.

Among them there is a bottle opener with the suitable inscription “Prosit!” (which means cheers!”), paperclips in shape of the four unmistakeable oast house towers, “meister” (“master”)-carpenter’s pencils, folding rules “Einfach machen!” (“Just do it! / Make it simple!”), pens, pencils, coasters, folders, cups, “mahlzeit” (meal / Bon appétit!) breakfast boards, saddle protectors in two different editions, small honey pots and decorative tape.


A colourful repertoire waiting to be gifted to yourself and your loved ones.

If you’re interested, please send us an email to info@malzfabrik.de or just come around.