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Saddle fast
Monday | 12. June 2017
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Saddle fast

To the repertoire of the merchandise articles of the Malzfabrik a fancy saddle cover was added.

Those have been tested in occasion of the Malzwiese where they were placed on every bicycle saddle parked close to the entrance. With the inscription “Allerwertester! Schön, dass du da warst. Komm bald wieder!“ („Dearest / Buttom! Nice, that you have been here. Come back soon! “ every cyclist took home a small delightful present which henceforth will protect them from rain.

The saddle covers are water repellent and made from recycled material. A further edition with the text “Jedem Bäckchen, sein Fleckchen.” (“Every cheek has its spot”) can be purchased for a small obolus at our merchandise shop in the Malzfabrik office.

Thus cycling through Berlin is way more fun!