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Sweet greetings in tiny format
Friday | 28. April 2017
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Sweet greetings in tiny format

Giving and getting presents counts undeniably to the most fun deeds in life. That’s why we are constantly in search of extraordinary gifts we can present our visitors on our area and events with as souvenirs.


The so-called “Süße Grüße aus der Malzfabrik” (Sweet greetings from the Malzfabrik”) filled with the best Bioland-honey were already available in 250 gram glasses. The smaller 30 gram glasses are now joining the repertoire and ecstasies with their tininess. The content is definitely enough for one to two spreads and is perfect for travelling as well.

Now you know what you can expect on your next visit to the Malzfabrik or to our info stand on the

IGA – Internationalen Gartenausstellung Berlin.