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Your donation to SOS MÉDITERANNÉE
Thursday | 09. March 2017

Your donation to SOS MÉDITERANNÉE

A part of the Malzwiese admission will again be donated to a special project. Your ticket purchase will support SOS MEDITERANEE - a humanitarian initiative, which works for all people in distress at sea.


Jointly in cooperation with LemonAid SOS MÉDITERRANÉE will present a unique exhibition on June 3rd. Under the title #RefugeeCameras photographs tell their story about the ubiquitous refugee crisis and the tragic events in the Mediterranean.


The exhibition is initiated by the photographer Kevin McElvane, who posed the question: how would a photo look from the perspective of the refugees, what images would they draw? In December 2015, he distributed fifteen single-use cameras to refugees in Izmir, Lesbos, Athens and Idomeni. Seven cameras returned and provide an intimate look into their plight in the group exhibition #RefugeeCameras.


These images are complemented with a selection of the most famous works by photo- and videographers such as Jacobia Dahm, Souvid Datta, Daniel Etter, Jan Grarup, Ciril Jazbec, Kai Löffelbein, Alessandro Penso, Espen Rasmussen, Lion Sperandeo, Nicole Tung and Patrick Witty.

Together, these photographs in #RefugeeCameras open a dialogue that resolves the anonymous term "Refugee" with the stories of individual people.


Check out this unique exhibition on June 3 and get a ticket to the festival here>>.