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A sparkling Christmas
Monday | 19. December 2016

A sparkling Christmas

When we look back into the past 50 weeks we find a wealth of enchanting, adventurous, sociable, exciting, artistic, creative, moving, original, architectural, connecting, enjoyable, transformable, life-affirming, sensual, touching and lasting moments.



This year brought so much novelty in all areas: New event rooms in the Kachelhaus and the container "Rostlaube" emerged, the intermediate roof, the repair of the entrance lights and the Kellerei canopy were finished with the supporting hand of the monument protection department. The park has filled up with a variety of sprouting, blooming and humming inhabitants.


The team congratulated our successful trainees, greeted newcomers and moved into a lovingly prepared new office. In addition to the numerous events in our house, the ATMAN exhibition held a special position.


We close out this year with this deep, emotional experience, which is still awaiting you until December 31, and extend our sincere gratitude for your company and support in 2016.


We send lovely Christmas greetings, wishing you a warm Christmas holiday and a splendid and sparkling start into the new year.