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Malzfabrik News Overview

For lovers of good beer
Thursday | 08. September 2016

For lovers of good beer

The summer festival "Malzwiese" offered in two consecutive years a reading by journalist and beer lovers Peter Korneffel from his book "Biermanufakturen in Berlin". The author tells us about 22 Berliner beer manufacturers and their brewery stories, relates special tasting tips with exciting excursions and related addresses.

This of course includes the Malzfabrik as a factory for the production of malt, visited by Korneffel as part of a Malzreise and described in beautiful words.

Now the refined and revised edition of this guide to Berlin beer culture is now commercially available.
On 220 pages you can now find five more portraits, over 100 tasting addresses and many exclusive novelties more.

The bible of the Berlin craft beer scene is available for 19.90 Euros from retailers or at Biermanufakturen.de.