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The capital perch is back!
Thursday | 08. September 2016

The capital perch is back!

The capital perch is back every Friday 13-17 pm together with basil tomatoes, salad and sprouts from the farm shop ECF Farm Berlin.

All food comes freshly harvested from the farm.


The farm has even more to offer: Charming Farming for your home - Grow-It-Yourself herbs!


The urban aquaponic farm has been growing vegetables and cultivating fish under one roof since 2015. This is how it works: The water from the fish farming serves as a natural fertilizer for the vegetables. The fertilizer is not only environmentally friendly, it is also very rich in nutrients. This saves water, CO2 and annoying transport routes.

More information about the ECF Farm Berlin here>>.

Locations of sale points of the farm´s food products can be found at the following link>>.