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A bed in the Maschinenhalle
Wednesday | 03. August 2016
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A bed in the Maschinenhalle

The Maschinenhalle has seen quite a few stars of the 21st century.


This time it was honored by famous German actress Senta Berger who graced the tile floor for shooting "The wedding of my parents" last year.


The Maschinenhalle was converted into a bedroom with adjoining bathroom for a day of shooting by

Real Film Berlin GmbH. A bed of wooden pallets stood in the center of the Kachelhaus and cozied up the atmosphere.


The television play "The wedding of my parents” is about the couple Betty and Peter, who want to remarry after 45 years of wedded bliss. However, the preparation around the wedding causes many turbulences that built up some serious comedic style.


The film aired on ZDF one day before the actress's 75th anniversary. We send our belated congratulations!


See the spectacle here>>.