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Malzwiese is fun!
Tuesday | 31. May 2016

Malzwiese is fun!

Games, fun and good spirits are key elements of the Malzwiese – celebrating the start of the festival season with you on June 4th.

The little ones can look forward to the colorful game alley maintained by the Diakonie, with make-up stuff, DIY and paint brushes, water fountain, ball variations, felt works and much more for the tots.

Get some henna colour with CaBo henna painting. With henna made from natural ingredients - henna plant powder, water, sugar and 100 percent natural essential oils - take home a henna tattoo as quaint memory on your skin.

Our Happy Bunnies will take care of the all-around fun. Whether recharging your karma account, seahorse swimming test, unicorn races and much more, the Happy Bunnies will bring love and joy throughout the day.

The beach and pond are always there for an inbetween splash after we will inaugurate it together on the Malzwiese. Join us splashing!

More information about our linu-up of fun: www.malzwiese.de