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Gardening 2.0
Tuesday | 03. May 2016

Gardening 2.0

Our tenants IP-Garten deal with the growing awareness for health, nutrition and the need to know where food comes from.

They developed an online garden displaying the real growth of a vegetables bed and use the internet to control the growth management on the basis of an agricultural online strategy game. You sow, water and harvest the vegetables on screen while a gardener tends to it in the real world.


The mission is to promote awareness for individual food production in a completely transparent way. The IP Garten wants to be an alternative to mass consumption and a fun way to encourage gardeners to produce their own food, share their knowledge and harvest and make the world a better place step by step.

Find the first bed on their website which is already managed by eleven gardener units.

The next weeks will se continued tweaking and optimizing.

We closely watch the bustle of the IP gardeners and one day we´ll all have our own online garden with the harvest becoming the evening meal.

We wish our tenants continued good luck!

More information is available at: www.ipgarten.de