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Malzfabrik News Overview

Monday | 25. April 2016


A woody and loyal companion is the mahlzeit-board of the Malzfabrik!


Mahlzeit! The Malzteam wishes "bon appetit" with each bite from this small breakfast board by Continenta, a company that produces long-lasting products from sustainable sources. The extremely hard wood of the acacia tree is one of the most exclusive woods in the world. In loving, the meal-inscription was baked of us in retrospect with the branding iron.


The oiled surface is easy to clean and ready for use after a quick moist wiping. Our daily meals taste even better that way. Bon appetit!


Whoever fell in love with the little board as much as we have and wants to add it to his kitchen collection, just order at info@malzfabrik.de with the subject matter “mahlzeit” 15,90 Euro plus shipping.


Only while stocks last.