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The meadow splashes with...
Wednesday | 30. March 2016

The meadow splashes with...

The four guys Florian Berres, Martin Kuntze, Johannes Trupp and Sebastian Gödde can be creatively located between hip hop, indie and rock.


This has been their musical home since they started creating songs together in 2010. The debut album was titled "Zweitbester" - although the foursome certainly isn`t second best on the music market.


"Be “second best”? The first of the losers? Back to Mommy with 40 instead of champagne showers? "No rapture, no money, no girl, no fun. Zweitbester is the name of the debut album by Aufbau West. Is that the white flag, hoisted and serenaded by four self-pitying milk mustache boys? Are they leaving the stage of German pop music without a fight? No way! Zweitbester is a challenge."


Check this video>> for the name of the band or just continue reading.


You can listen to that musical challenge on the Malzwiese. Look forward with us to AUFBAU WEST on the outdoor stage June 4th!


More information about the band here>>.