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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Hang-out with history
Tuesday | 26. April 2016
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Hang-out with history

In 2011, a 5.85 m long, 2.32 m wide and 2.20 m high former ship container made his way to the Malzfabrik. There his journey ended in the back of the court yard where he was fitted with a greenhouse on the roof, water reservoirs and an irrigation system.


The prototype for the first aquaponics system called Containerfarm received many curious visitors and was the precursor of the 2015 opened ECF Farm for our tenants ECF Farmsystems.


The container, which was once baptized "Rostlaube", has completed its services as a mini-farm and is abaout to get a new look and location by the summer. First step is the relocation to the meadow right next door to the outdoor office at the end of April.


We are still collecting ideas and offers for the remodeling. We will celebrate the completion and opening of the old-new "Rostlaube" together with you on the Malzwiese on June 4th.


Expect the unexpected!