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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Higher and higher
Tuesday | 15. March 2016
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Higher and higher

The basement of the Kachelhaus is not the only indoor construction site. The elevator, which extends to all floors, will receive a thorough restoration over the next few months.


It is important to retain as many elements of the existing elevator to preserve the charm of the old device. To reconstruct the elevator as faithfully as possible, a restoration research of the steel structure was commissioned to restore the color coating. The color analysis in several steps produced dark gray as the end result.


The elevator shaft must be replaced as well since the existin caging no longer complies with safety regulations. However, the supporting components are preserved, strengthened and revised. The old elevator and access doors will remain on all floors, albeit out of operation.


The old floor displays that decorate the walls next to the elevator will be repaired for later use. All components that are dismounted in the course of the reconstruction will be exhibited and documented in the Malzkabinett or elsewhere on the premises of the Malzfabrik in order to preserve the history of the old factory.


The construction of the lift is scheduled to be completed in early summer.


We are looking forward to the first journey upwards in the new vehicle, and to the discovery of old elevator relics!