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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Signed and sealed
Wednesday | 10. February 2016
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Signed and sealed

The Malzfabrik will continue to transform and develop over the course of this year. Construction phases I and II should be mostly completed.


Not only the design of the park with the already finished recreational pond, but also all construction around our filter pond „Weiher“ will come to an end. The meadow is increasingly taking shape, and the restoration of the courtyard roof, our second monument funded project, will be finished in the next few months.


In order to obtain the entire ensemble of the Malzfabrik, renovation measures for the courtyard roof were necessary. The steel structure of the roof was dismantled in early February and prepared for transportation to Partenheimer & Co. GmbH in Wittstock. The framework is going to be evaluated for its natural color, sandblasted and measured for the reconstruction of new parts.


In April, the steel framework will be coming back to the capital and to the Malzfabrik grounds. Thereafter the roof will be rebuilt. To ensure good function of the courtyard roof we also strive to restore the glass assemblies.

These glass panels are made of safety glass and will be illuminated from below to give the framework a further special feature. The necessary gutters and downspouts will be restored and the original headroom remains largely intact. The courtyard roof will be fully restored by the beginning of June and will provide the Malzfabrik with another distinctive place to hang out.


A long journey with wonderful prospects!