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The Journey of Wisdom
Monday | 21. December 2015

The Journey of Wisdom

Facing the great challenges of our global consumer society, the visionary, former manager and downshifter Bernd Kolb set out in search of the sources of wisdom. Looking for origins that can teach us a positive and sustainable design for our future.


In 2012 Bernd Kolb started his journey to look for those that still maintain the ancient wisdom traditions of Asia. He managed to capture images of the wise people who are still with us and know true happiness because they are able to live in the here and now.


From this emotional and profound journey he created the book "Atman". It tells the story of a deep soul connection between the photographer and his object.


On 21st of December we welcomed the former entrepreneur in the Malzfabrik and experienced his "Wisdom Journey". A more than inspirational evening which is locked in our memories.


He who empathizes and opens his heart may experience what exists between all beings.


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