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Graces on the Weiher
Thursday | 05. November 2015
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Graces on the Weiher

The award-winning work by Oliver Hahn has found its place on our meadow. The "Three Graces" are now dancing around our retention pond, which will be completed next year.


The three ladies made of stainless steel are set in a frame of five by three meters and turn in the wind around their own axis. They constantly appear in new shapes through the interplay of positive and negative forms and the ever changing wind. Oliver Hahn described it as following: "Actually, it's a painting machine, always painting the sky in new ways".


The sculpture was created in the context of the modernization of an apartment building in the Nürnberger Strasse in Berlin Charlottenburg. Oliver Hahn was selected among eight competitors.

After ten years on the roofs, the "Three Graces" sought a new venue and found the fitting environment on the Malzfabrik grounds.


More information about Oliver Hahn and his work can be found at www.oliver-hahn.eu.